2018 Tour De Colorado

The Tour De Colorado is a series of tournaments through out Colorado, aimed to crown the top 5 players in the state. While tournaments are open to any team, only teams from Colorado can earn points.

This year, we are focusing on individual rankings. Each teammate will split the points earned from a tournament placement. For every tournament you play with a new teammate, 65 points will be added to your individual score.

Last year's top four teams each won trophies and a fully sublimated, custom Rocky Mountain Roundnet Elite jersey. These jerseys were provided by our title sponsor: Savage Apparel. Prizes for 2018 have yet to be determined, but will be awesome.

For more information on official Spikeball Roundnet Tournaments:
Spikeball Roundnet Association

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Tour stops 1-5

1st place - 325 points
2nd place - 195 points
3rd place - 130 points
4th place - 95 points
Quarterfinals - 50 points
Rd. of 16 - 25 points
Rd. of 32 - 12 points
Rd. of 64 - 6 points
Rd. of 128 - 3 points


1st place - 400 points
2nd place - 240 points
3rd place - 160 points
4th place - 120 points
Quarterfinals - 60 points
Rd. of 16 - 30 points
Rd. of 32 - 15 points
Rd. of 64 - 8 points
Rd. of 128 - 4 points

*** 65 points will be added your individual score for each tournament you play with a new teammate.***