Summer 2018

The RMRL will run during Tuesday Night Roundnet. Players are encouraged to get to the park before 6 to warm up with everyone who came for TNR pick-up and stay and play after your spring league series is done!

League Information:
Each series will be a best of 5.
Each win in a series is worth 1 point A series sweep gives you 1 additional point Max points available in a series, 4
The 8th/9th week will be a tournament

Teams will be seeded based off of results from the previous weeks Seeding will go by: Overall points, head-to-head and then scoring point differential Playoff brackets are best of 3 to 21
If sunlight becomes an issue towards the end of the bracket, play will be suspended and continue the following Tuesday. You may not suspend play in the middle of a series, the game must be called prior to the series start.
Teams may have a roster of NO MORE than 4 players. This will be strictly enforced. Substitutions ARE allowed mid series but once a player is substituted they may not come back in the series. No more than 3 roster spots will be active during a given series.

If a team can ABSOLUTELY not make it on a Tuesday, they will have until the following Monday to play a make up series. The team who could not make the match has to make up the match when it is convenient for the other team. If the game does not get made up by Monday night. The team that rescheduled would receive 0 points and the other team would receive 3 points. (no additional points for the series sweep)